Good aftercare means good lash retention!  If you follow these steps then I can guarantee that your lashes will last longer. For lash extensions cleansing is very important as it stops the build up of make up & oils which can lead to infection.


  • No moisture for the first 24 hours

  • No cotton wool

  • No curlers 

  • No touching

  • No mascara (I will charge to clean lashes at infill)

  • Cleanse with 1:3 Johnsons baby shampoo: water. Use a clean fluffy make up brush to lather, then rinse with cool water.

  • Brush daily

  • Infill every 2 weeks



  • No moisture for first 48 hours

  • No mascara for first 48 hours

  • No touching for first 48 hours

  • No curlers 

  • No waterproof mascara 

  • Oil free eye make-up remover

  • Brush daily


  • No moisture for first 48 hours

  • No touching for first 48 hours

  • Brush daily with 100% coconut oil/ castor Oil



  • No make-up for first 24 hrs

  • No exfoliators between treatments

  • No hot baths or showers for 24hrs

  • No sauna, steam room or swimming for 24hrs

  • No perfumed products for 24hrs

  • Use at least factor 30 sun protection

  • Moisturise twice a day

  • Skin may become dry in some areas prior to treatment, this is normal. Moisturise over these areas rather than picking the skin. Hyper-pigmentation/ acne scarring may worsen before improving prior to treatment.